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HDR Workshop

HDR Workshop

Join me on a great personal and photography adventure somewhere in the world! You can see an entire list on our dedicated Photography Workshops.

HDR Tutorials

I have a FREE HDR Tutorial for Mac and Windows here on StuckInCustoms.com that describes the step by step process. If you’d like to dive deeper, I also have video tutorials for Aurora HDR Pro. Both tutorials show how I use the tools for a variety of situations… landscapes, sunrise/sunset, people, motion, etc..

What’s HDR anyway?

Whoa!  You made it this far and you aren’t sure?  In the workshop, I’ll walk you through it slowly, step by step. Regulars already know that I suggest using Aurora HDR Pro in the process. Here, I’ll show you some sample HDR shots.  Now, I can’t guarantee that you will be making these kinda shots by the end of the workshop.  That depends on YOU! 🙂

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The Icy Pit to Hell (by Stuck in Customs)

The Grassy Roof in the Central Icelandic Farms (by Stuck in Customs)

This is Nathaniel

The Lonely Trinity (by Stuck in Customs)

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild (by Stuck in Customs)