Driving to Akaroa – Stuck in Customs

Driving to Akaroa

Recap – Twitter and Human Evolution

I thought it time to resurrect my “Twitter and Human Evolution” article for people that are new to the site in the last year or so!

I’m back at an amazing conference in Yellowstone. Actually, it’s not really a conference… it’s an eclectic gathering of a few dozen scientists, economists, artists, and all sorts of other people. It’s at a private ranch that you have to hike 11 miles to reach. Days are filled with exploration, horse-riding, fishing, photography, art, discussions, etc. Nights are filled with a fabulous dinner with servants followed by several TED-like talks in the Great Room.

Matt Ridley is here and recently gave a talk about his new book “The Rational Optimist”. I have it up on “Trey’s Book List“, in case you are interested in something entirely different to read.

New eBook on HDR Mistakes Tomorrow

I plan on releasing this within the next 24 hours, if all goes according to plan. I’ll have it up on the eBook page, so get ready… I know you’ll love it!

That little preview page there on the right is somewhat of a table of contents, I suppose! I have used one of my worst photos ever to show off many of mistakes & solutions presented in the book!

As for the eBook Giveaway Contest, the random winners are commenter #40 Nora, #61 Gordon Brown, and #407 Lauren Blackwell! Congrats!

Daily Photo – Driving to Akaroa

Akaroa is a little French town on the coast of the south island of New Zealand. While in Christchurch, this was the #1 spot people told me I had to visit! It’s not a long drive at all, and it was a great destination for sure.

Along the way, we passed these perfect little hills and water inlets. Many people told me that the middle of the summer is not really the best time for this area because the grass is not green. But that’s okay with me… I think the golden hues of the grass and the green of the trees go nicely together.

Also, I got a nice email from Robert Peper, who wanted to inform people here of a New Zealand photography newsletter. You can sign up there on the bottom of that linked page.