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New Site, New Video, New eBook!

Leave a comment to Win My New eBook in celebration of the New Website Design!

Update: the random winners are commenter #40 Nora, #61 Gordon Brown, and #407 Lauren Blackwell! Congrats!

I have a new eBook that will pop sometime soon.  It’s called “Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing, and How to Fix Them“.  It’s 37 pages long and filled with all kinds of great info.  To win, just leave a comment here and I’ll pick three random people the day before release. Good luck!

All of this is in honor of the new site design!  Here’s a little rundown of what you are seeing:

  • New site design by the world-famous French designer Fabien Barral and coding by Bill Erickson
    • Visit his site at and see his famous movie posters, packaging designs, and other innovative works.
    • Bill Erickson is quite the WordPress genius – find out more about him at
  • The site is exactly as wide as before, optimized for people with big monitors and high resolution.
    • It is important to me that the daily photo is shown at 900 pixels across
    • Although this cuts out some people, according to Google Analytics, over 80% of people view this site at least over 1280×800 resolution – Wow!
  • We have a new rotating ad section there on the right, where I will be rotating in fresh stuff from time to time
  • A full new “Footer” area that contains some of the most common business/licensing questions we get
  • A new smart top nav bar that contains links to the most important bits
  • Site optimized to load 40-50% faster
    • Images more efficiently loaded
    • “Double-page-loading” problem fixed (some of you may remember this annoying one!)
    • Upgraded Apache to Lighttpd, which is a faster solution that is used by Wikipedia and many other sites
  • And, last but not least, The Biggest Header Ever On Any Website.  Hey, it’s a scrolling website anyway, right?  hehe….

New Video – Behind the Scenes in Iceland

Here is a bit of footage I took a few days ago.  I hope you enjoy it… and let me know if you’d like to see even more behind-the-scenes stuff.

Daily Photo – The Lonely Fishing Hut

Most of the details behind this photo can be ascertained from the photo below.  This place really was in the middle of nowhere…  It was my goal to make it look as lonely as it felt.  As hinted at in the video, I have a full how-to video inside The Clubhouse.