The Tango in Buenos Aires – Stuck in Customs

The Tango in Buenos Aires

Noiseware Review

During my talk in New Zealand, I was asked about noise reduction, which is always a problem!  I mentioned that I think most of the main noise reduction software packages are somewhat interchangable in terms of effectiveness.  It comes down, really, to whatever User Interface you think is easiest and most intuitive.  For me, it is Noiseware.  If you want more information and a quick sample, see my Noiseware Review.

I have some more screenshots I’ll be adding soon so you can see more samples of what it can do…

Previous Photo of the Tango

I posted this one about a year ago, and this is further evidence of how I slooooowly edit my photos from a trip… I still have heaps from Argentina! Anyway, I thought you might like to see this one, since I am posting another one of the same subject matter below.

Le Tango de le Muerte

Daily Photo – The Tango in Buenos Aires

Did you know that now that I am hosting my images at SmugMug that it is even easier to get the “data” about how I took the shot?

If you zoom in and click on it to get to the gallery video, on the mouseover, you will see “Photo Info” with a little blue “i”.  Clicking on that will give you the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and all that sort of thing.  You’ll be in good shape!  Some people want me to put all that info into every blog post, but it just takes too long I am afraid… but it is all there and easy to grab if you are interested.

After I shot the high-altitude picture from the top of this tango show in Buenos Aires, I went down by the stage to get a closeup of some of the action.

Everyone loves the tango, don’t they?