The Sunset in San Clemente California – Stuck in Customs

The Sunset in San Clemente California

Win my book over on Layers Magazine

My friend RC Conception tweeted me about a contest he is running on Layers magazine along with Brad Moore to give away a copy of my book. You can see more by visiting his contest post on his website.

Reminder of Kelby Article

Speaking of Brad Moore, he was the nice gentleman that helped me with this long guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog a few months ago. If you missed it the first time, you might enjoy it now. It’s called “Being an artist sucks. Being an artist is awesome.

Daily Photo – The Sunset in San Clemente California

We had a great photowalk down in San Clemente! Thanks again to everyone that came along… I enjoyed it very much. Now I am finally getting a chance to post-process some of the images. If you were there, you may remember when I took this one!

Want to see other photos from the Photowalkers? Visit Victor’s Typical Shutterbug site (also has a great podcast!) where you can get a link to the proper Flickr group.

The sunset was just as good as you can get, which was very lucky after many days of rain before. We were all quite worried about a rain-out! But, the gods shined on us and everything turned out great. It’s always nice to walk around with other photographers and geek out on this stuff!

The sky got a bit noisy for me in this one. I used Noiseware to get rid of it – for more info, see my Noiseware Review here on the site.

The Sunset in San Clemente California