Towering Notre Dame – Stuck in Customs

Towering Notre Dame

Barn Of Your Dreams now Avail for Collection!

We have another Limited Edition Numbered Print that has just come available. It’s called “The Barn of your Dreams”, and if you are a regular around here you probably remember this wonderful place in Wyoming. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thanks for the comments on the prints I’ve received via email, btw. I’m glad you find these affordable and unique. I wanted to ensure that each one remains collectable and has a particular number – this seems to resonate well! Thanks again!

The Barn in your Dreams

Stanford Photowalk

We had a great one in Stanford! There were 40-50 people there, and the weather was downright lousy! When I arrived, everyone was taking cover under the tree, so that was kind of amusing to see… a bunch of people with tripods in the middle of a green expanse, all packed under a tree with tripods sticking out in every direction!

I believe we spent about two hours together or so. We walked around, talked, and geeked out with HDR! It was great fun, and I met some really nice people. At the end of the evening, we ended up in a Stanford eatery and I gave away a bunch of Smugmug prizes!

If you were there, come share your photos in the Stuck in Stanford group on Flickr!