In Petaluma to see Leo Laporte in Action! – Stuck in Customs

In Petaluma to see Leo Laporte in Action!

Stopping in Petaluma to see the TWIT Cottage

I spent the night up in Napa where I was visiting my mom and grandmother (so I have extra fudge for everyone!). Since I was coming back to the Palo Alto area anyway, I drove through Petaluma. While there, I stopped by the TWIT cottage to meet with Dane. Whilst there, Leo happened to be taping a show, so I ducked in a for a few moments to see everything in person.
Cool! I am in the TWIT cottage watching @LeoLaporte talkin' b... on Twitpic

So, what is cool about this? Well, for one thing, I’ve always like Leo and the scene he’s throwin’ down. Did you know he also sees out of just one eye? The one-eyed guys have to stick together.

Also, he runs a huge media empire out of this little cottage in Petaluma! It’s really an impressive feat. He has several shows on his network that I think are interesting. You can either get the podcast on iTunes or watch live at I recommend TWIT (This Week in Technology). There is another good show called “Macbreak Weekly” which is very good. Last, you should try to catch the science stuff with Dr. Kiki. She was there too – a very nice gal…

I thought about setting up for a major hardcore HDR in his studio, but I didn’t want to impose… It was my first time in there (previous appearances on TWIP – This Week in Photography) were all remote via Skype, so I got a kick out of seeing the operation in person!

Extra Books at the Stanford Event?

I’m all out of copies of A World in HDR (but I am bringing some homemade fudge from my mom to hand out)! We totally sold out at the Google speech, which was way more popular than I anticipated… Also, some of you may remember that Amazon sold out in several countries, so it can be a little tough to get copies… they don’t exactly grow on trees! But, Amazon, Borders, B&H, and all the others replenish their supplies all the time.

If you already have a book, I am more than happy to sign it for you… it would be my pleasure!

Daily Photo – The Lonely Barn

Note that this is not the aforementioned TWIT Cottage.

Along the road from Napa to Petaluma, there are countless photo ops. I stopped here and there on the side of the road to jump out and take some shots. This one I took with my 85mm prime lens – I will soon add it to the Nikon 85mm Review page along with the other sample photos.

It was a foggy and overcast morning, so I had to look for other sorts of subject in the landscape that were interesting… which is pretty easy to do here in the wine country!

In Petaluma to see Leo Laporte in Action!