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A World in HDR – A fun and informative HDR Book!

You will love A World in HDR! It’s a 216-page book that should give you everything you need and more. The vast majority of the book is select pieces from the portfolio along with extended descriptions, tips, and more information about how the photo was achieved. The second part of the book contains a new HDR Tutorial along with a few bonus steps to help you get extra oomph in your creations!

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The HDR Book for customers in the USA

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World in HDR, A

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Testimonials and Reviews

  • A thorough review over at Abduzeedo, one of the world’s top design blogs
  • This book will change your LIFE!” – Well I don’t know about that, but thank you Eleazar Paradise from Manor, TX!

  • “Here are my top reasons for recommending this book:1) Good how-to info – kinda important when you want to learn a technique. 🙂

    2) Easy to read and follow – great for hyper people like me!

    3) Offers many examples of excellent HDR images – something to shoot for.

    4) Offers ideas on composition – important in all photography.

    5) Covers stuff like double tone mapping – which is way cool.

    6) Includes some of the author’s photo philosophies – which you will find interesting and helpful.

    7) Includes some behind-the-scene info on the making of a picture – which gives you an appreciation for a photograph.”  – Rick Sammon

  • “…I guess if I should describe what this book gave me in one word, it would be “inspiration”. I read it in one go, and it left me wanting to immediately go out there and spend the rest of my life taking HDR photos.” – pg_bremen from Germany
  • “I love this book. I think its a great combination of tech and art. I have had friends sit and look at the images who are not into photography and at the same time others who are that sat and read the tutorial. I think its a great book at a very fair price and I can not understand why anyone would not give it 5 stars.” –  M. Hull
  • “Whether you’re new to HDR photography, or you’re a full time pro, Trey Ratcliff’s book is a must have. Trey’s methods are meticulous and exact, producing exceptional results yet his style of conveying technique and process is laid back and … well, not what you’d expect from a professional photographer. Easy going and inviting are two words that describe the feel of this book as Trey leads you through pages of his own work along with how he got the final shot.” – W Browning

An HDR Book Sighting In the Wild...

Inside the Book

The rich cover and interiors have been designed by the great French designer Fabien Barral, who also did the graphic design for the website.  We have spared no expense in bringing you the highest quality book!  More photos of the interior and other tidbits will be revealed in the next few months as we get closer to release.

Besides new and extended descriptions with various tips, the book will also feature several previously unpublished photos.

Because I like to teach by example, the book will feature a ton of photos that I consider to be some excellent examples of “HDR done right”.  Whenever possible, I include tips and tricks and discuss the conditions of the shot.  Often times, I also talk freely about various subjects that are related and help describe more about the way I think about these things.  There are many thoughts and questions around human nature, the arts, science, religion, and more.  This style has sprung up from the wonderful congenial and conversational style that has helped make this community so fun and exciting.  I thank you all for your involvement, your passion, and your feedback. I appreciate it very much.

And here are a few shots of the actual book:

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More Book shots (40 of 60)

Book shots (24 of 26)

More Book shots (26 of 60)

Book shots (14 of 26)

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A selection of Images from the book

Farewell India

Adventuring Deeper into Patagonia (by Stuck in Customs)

The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig (by Stuck in Customs)

Merry D3Xmas from Trey and Stuck In Customs!

The Lonely Trinity (by Stuck in Customs)

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

The Open Road

The Icy Pit to Hell (by Stuck in Customs)

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild (by Stuck in Customs)

We hope you enjoy this HDR Book!