“The World in HDR” sold out on Amazon, and The Temple Deep in the Caves – Stuck in Customs

“The World in HDR” sold out on Amazon, and The Temple Deep in the Caves

Book Sellouts on Amazon and in bookstores around the world!

A World in HDR” is almost impossible to get!

Wow! You guys are awesome – thank you so much. I can’t even believe it… After the book was released, it almost immediately sold out on Amazon in the UK (My UK friends are cuuurazy), then Canada, and now in the USA Amazon store. It’s really crazy to sell out on Amazon – so I hardly have enough words to thank you!

Check some of the other stores on my HDR Book page to see where it is still avail – these sites typically update inventory on an hourly basis.

Sold Out!-3

Daily Photo – The Temple Deep in the Caves

Borneo is known for its amazing limestone caves. Just on the other side, over in West Malaysia, there are a ton of the same strange cave structures that twist and turn in unexpected ways through old mountains. This one is called the Batu Caves, and if you walk through it long enough, you end up in the very center of the mountain, where an opening appears high overhead. Deep in this innermost sanctuary lies this unique Hindu Temple.

Some of you may remember that old woman who has never cut her hair (2nd photo below), walking up the stairs to visit the temple every day. I’ve never posted a photo of her final destination until now.

The Temple Deep in the Caves

Hindu Ascent