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Impressions of Paris

HDR Spotting invites still going out

I understand invites are still going out on This was started with the simple idea that we can all increase the amount of attention for other HDR Photographers and drive traffic to their respective sites. The site always has new content on it, and more improvements come every week. For some of the best, see the Editor’s Picks!

Jason St. Peter from sent in this nice testimonial:

“I think HDRspotting has been a tremendous success and I am lucky to be part of it. It’s so cool to see so many great hdr artist in one spot. Being affiliated with hdr spotting and the stuck in customs brand has also helped drive much more visibility to my own blog. HDR Spotting quickly became my top referring site behind google and my top 10 images have over 35,000 views on the HDRspotting site. This is awesome in such a short time.”

Fan Page on Facebook

We made a few updates to the Fan Page on Facebook.  A new landing page and more FBML stuff on the way.  If any of you are FBML experts, drop me a note – I’d like to add some cool stuff to it!

Daily Photo – Impressions of Paris

I had a nice conversation with a friend this evening about the Impressionists of Paris and all they had to go through to get their work seen. The old-guard painters than headed the selection committee for the Salon of the late 19th century had a distaste for the Impressionists, and their work was continually rejected. I feel lucky that we all live at a time where our own impressions of the world can freely be shared. I hope sites such as HDRspotting can help everyone get their work better exposed to the world.

Impressions of Modern Paris