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Opera in the Wild!

While I was at this conference deep in the mountains of Montana on the Wyoming border, we took a break one day to hike up into the mountains for several hours. We hiked up with a varied assortment of people, including a world class opera singer named Laura Loge. After we reached the summit (where there was still snow) and shared a lunch, we began the journey back home. Halfway down the trek, we stopped in this beautiful little valley and we implored her to sing some opportune opera while in the green amphitheater.

She sang perfectly and it was an utterly surreal experience. I flipped on the wide angle to get both Laura and her enraptured audience to the right, a bit further down the trail.

Laura told me afterwards that it was actually called an "art song", as opposed to the opera she had been singing nightly by the fireside in the cabin to all of us.

If you want to find out more about Laura, visit her homepage at www.lauraloge.com/ !

Opera in the Wild