Stuck in Disney World – Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Disney World

I’ve been traveling so much lately and not been the greatest dad in the world so I brought the family to Disney World for a few days. I don’t think I have been in over 30 years myself, so it is really surprising to see everything that is new. Also, it’s a fantastic place for photography. I have a really good idea for a photo series, but my wife thinks it is a horrible idea and I should not attempt it under any circumstances. However, I am going to try it anyway… it’s just too good of an idea.

Anyway, this picture below is not from that experimental series… it’s just a shot of Disney World at the Magic Kingdom. I will do my best not to get the traditional shots of the parks and activities… I wish there weren’t all these tourists here. I need my own park, like Cartman.

Stuck in Disney World

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