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Stuck Deep

So I decided to take a bad idea and make it worse. I followed Gustaf into a forested area, but I did not have the same kind of snowmobile he did. I had a *bit* of trouble turning around and I got my snowmobile stuck deep DEEP in a drift. The snowmobile was stuck almost completely vertical and kind of listing to the side.

Will turned around and saw I was in a pickle so he jumped off his snowmobile and came over to help. He had to walk through waist-deep snow just to get close. After getting close to me, he fell backward and took a few minutes to wrestle himself out.

Stuck Snowmobile

Will and I went through a ton of ideas to get it out. The BEST idea we came up with was to take off my scarf and tie it to Will’s snowmobile, so you can judge the relative quality of the other 9 ideas.

We revved it hard, and that sweet move succeeded in the snowmobile sinking another foot into the snow, melting the snow all around the treads, then immediately re-freezing the melted snow into hard compacted ice, permanently encasing the snowmobile like a trapped Superman villian.

Then we figured the only way to get it out was to dig it out. This event took one hour of exhausting work. We had no shovel, just four hands. About 45 minutes into it, we saw vultures circling (seriously). Here is a shot of Will under my snowmobile digging hard.

Stuck Snowmobile

After that, with a shove and a gentle rev, we got it out. Here is a picture of Will standing INSIDE the whole we dug, and then a happy shot of me, glad we did not have to call a chopper.

Stuck Snowmobile
Stuck Snowmobile

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