ScreenFlow Review – Stuck in Customs

ScreenFlow Review

Video editing and screen recording software for Mac

Go grab ScreenFlow now! It’s absolutely great, as you’ll see below. I use ScreenFlow for two main reasons:

  • Creating tutorials from my desktop of various applications
  • Creating new videos or mixing together different video files

First, here’s a little review / how-to video I made!


To me, ScreenFlow is the single best tool for capturing your screen and then editing the resulting video. Nothing else even compares. Plus, they are constantly coming out with updates and new goodies. They definitely are not letting it go into mothball mode, which is great. They often come up with new tools and techniques that I didn’t even know I wanted!

It is really really simple. Even though I know how to use Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, I find those interfaces to be a little overwhelming. I can still figure out what the heck I am doing, but most of that stuff is overkill for me. If you are going to be doing HARDCORE video editing for movies, TV, or commercials, then maybe you do want Premiere or Final Cut, but most of us don’t need something that powerful. Anyway, as you can see in my video above, it’s extremely powerful and easy. I didn’t go in to show off all the features, but I showed you 100% of what I use on a regular basis!

Looking to Broadcast Live?

If you’re looking to do some live broadcasting to Facebook or YouTube, check out their sister product over at my Wirecast Review here on the site. Enjoy!

Bonus How-To Video

I made a popular quadcopter video that went kinda viral with about half a million views on Facebook. I used ScreenFlow to edit it all together! Here is a video below that shows “The` Making Of,” and you can see Screenflow in action. Note it’s from an earlier version of ScreenFlow, so it may look a bit different.