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Peak Design Coupon Code

Discount Coupon for Peak Design Camera Gear

The team over at Peak Design simply has the best camera bags and accessories on the market! The design, the quality and the functionality is unparalleled. By following this link any current deal/discount will be automagically applied at the checkout! Don’t see a discount? Drop us a mail and maybe we can help out if you ask super nicely.

What is in my bag?

Check the Camera Equipment page here on the site for details of all the latest stuff in my bag! Which bag am I using for bigger trips? The new Travel Backpack from Peak Design with the camera cube insert…

Four new bags just launched

Peak Design recently launched an entire collection of bags! I’m sure you’ll find a bag you like. As for me, my main photography bag is the Everyday Backpack, but I also use the Sling quite a bit for short outings.

Deep Dive into the Backpack

Here’s a video that talks more about the Everyday Backpack, since I know that is one of the most popular of the bags! 🙂

Deep Dive into the Tote

The ladies tend to be more into the Tote bags… but there are some dudes that like them too! Here’s more about them.

The Everyday Messenger?

The first bag Kickstarter went crazy with $4.9 million raised. It’s now available to all via this link.

Which bag(s) do I carry?

My main photography bag is the Everyday Backpack (20 Litre — the smaller version). Inside here, I carry my mirrorless full-frame camera + four lenses + 15″ Macbook Pro.

My second photography bag is the Everyday Sling. It’s small and lightweight. I use this for little trips when I only need 2 lenses and a few other things.

The final bag is the Everyday Messenger. I use this bag for clothes and other miscellaneous stuff. This can be anything from chargers to quadcopter batteries to toiletries and all the digital stuff which I am sure you have too!