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Origin PC Review


My Origin Story

My history with computers is mostly like my history with women: mystery and confusion.

Yes, believe it or not, this is actually a review of my new Origin PC that I absolutely love. In fact, it’s better than any relationship I’ve had with a woman because I only need to pay attention to it when I want to.

I’ve always been a hardcore computer geek. My very first computer was a Timex Sinclair 99. I got that when I was in grade school and around 6th grade, I started to learn BASIC programming. I would type in those programs that were listed at the back of Byte magazine. I remember that I made a mini-golf game. It was just 2D. It was not a great game, but it actually worked. I specifically remember not having enough RAM, so I made my dad take me to the computer store to pay $199 for an extra 256k sidecar of RAM. Then, I was in minigolf heaven.


From there, it moved on to the Commodore 64 then the Amiga. I really mostly played games and did some phone phreaking to German BBSs to get the best games. That’s what I did in high school, basically. Other people were out partying, but I stayed at home and played computer games and did a bit of programming.

Then, at University, I majored in computer science and math. That is exactly the time that people started building their own PCs. I did that and absolutely loved it. I would do everything I could to max out my FPS. Also, I didn’t really have any money so it was the cheapest way to get a good gaming machine. I continued to buy new parts and customize my PC all the way through my 20’s and early 30’s.

When I turned 35 (12 years ago), I discovered photography. I absolutely loved it and it changed my life. That’s also when I developed a love/hate relationship with Apple computers. Most artists used Apple computers, and they certainly had their advantages. I also got quite busy with the art business, so I had less and less time for games. When I gamed, it was usually with my young kids on consoles and that sort of thing.

Why Origin PC?

Okay, fast forward till about four years ago when I had a meltdown because my Apple computers were so slow. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop were absolutely crawling… I no longer considered Apple to be the most efficient tool for creating art. Then I got back into PCs because I needed actual power!

And now, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to the ULTIMATE COMPUTER with this Origin PC. I have about 700,000 photos in my Lightroom Catalog and this thing is blazing fast. Here let me list out the specs of my machine:

Build your own custom PC (gaming or workstation) here.


My Spec:

  • ORIGIN PC M-Class Desktop (Black)
  • 850W EVGA SuperNOVA G3 PSU
  • Blue Individually Sleeved Cables
  • Supermicro X11SRM-F
  • Intel Xeon W-2145 8-Core 3.7GHz (4.5GHz TurboBoost)
  • ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • 64GB SUPERMICRO DDR4 2666MHz ECC Registered (2 x 32GB)
  • MS Windows 10 Pro
  • 500GB Samsung 860 EVO Series
  • 1TB Samsung 860 EVO Series
  • 12TB BarraCuda Pro Seagate SSHD
  • 12TB BarraCuda Pro Seagate SSHD
  • and some LED lighting.

My Real World Use Findings

I use this computer 75% for photo organizing / editing and 25% for gaming. It’s the perfect balance for me.

Now, I also use an an Apple laptop when I travel, but I use the Origin PC as my main computer when I am home. It’s simply way faster than my Apple. A sad reality for photographers is that at least 50% of the time you are simply organizing digital files! It’s not very sexy, but it can be satisfying in the sense of bringing a bit of order to the entropy of the world. Because the Origin PC is so fast, it makes organizing much more satisfying because there is no delay in my actions.

Beyond that, I also use Lightroom and Photoshop for editing photos. Needless to say that it is way faster than my Apple. I have a man-machine interface theory that there should be zero delay in the creative process. If you think about our artist-ancestors (and, well, many contemporary artists too!), they use a physical medium. Pen and paper. Oil paint and canvas. For all their artistic interactions, there is zero delay The brain expects to see the result of every action being immediately visible. If there is even a 100ms delay between action and appearance, the brain gets confused and it takes you out of the flow state.


I can also say (full disclosure – I helped make this program) that Aurora HDR 2019 for the PC absolutely flies on this machine. I’d say that 90% of my images get a little love from this Aurora program, and it is what gives my photos their unique look. That program used to be exclusive on the Mac (in fact, it won Apple’s app of the year), but when I started to get back into PCs, we worked with the developer (Skylum) to make a PC version of it. I’m glad we did, and now that’s my favorite app to use on my new PC here!

Anyway, I’m incredibly happy with my Origin PC. Whenever I think about it, I get a little smile on my face. I don’t have many material things in my life that do that… and I think this romance will only blossom!

To see the system in 360 glory, check out the unboxing video here…

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