Now – Stuck in Customs


What am I doing right now?

  • Just became a citizen of New Zealand so I’m applying for my Passport. The idea of having two Passports is bizarrely satisfying.
  • Recently launched a new company called Machine Elf, which is focused on creating content for consciousness. Watch some of those fractals; they are hopefully mind-blowing.
  • About to do an epic road trip around New Zealand since I’m [happy to be] stuck here during a pandemic.
  • Launching a new audio podcast called “Molecules I’ve Ingested,” but still plan to add more episodes to “Trey’s 360 Podcast.”
  • Our app Aurora HDR won Mac’s App of the Year! I collaborated with Skylum to make this.
  • Adding lots of behind-the-scenes bonus videos for Passport members.

What’s a “now” page anyhoo?

A clever idea by Derek Sivers that he describes on his About Now page! It lets people see what you’re currently working on and excited about! (Better than an About page or FB Updates).

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