New Zealand Campers – Stuck in Customs

New Zealand Campers

Here is some quick information on New Zealand campers. I did a lot of research before the trip to make sure we chose the right one!

Special Deal for Kea Campers

The nice people at Kea Campers gave readers of this site a special deal. Use the Coupon Code STUCKINCUSTOMS to get free camping equipment with your rental! What a cool deal… Even if you don’t camp, it’s nice to use the extra chairs, table, beach umbrella, etc etc… Good stuff.

Camper Vans in New Zealand

So, I am NOT a “Camper Van” kinda guy. I don’t own an RV, and I never even really liked them very much. Maybe I was used to the giant US versions of these things… ponderously heavy and scary. The NZ Campers are not quite like that.

I got one of the biggest campers, but it still was not as huge as the American ones, which is a good thing. It was big enough to sleep 6 people, even though we only had 4. There was plenty of room!

Here is some miscellaneous, unorganized info that you may find useful:

  • My trip was me, my wife, and our two kids (9 and 4)
  • The kids absolutely loved it.  They slept on top — above the driver… called it their “clubhouse”
  • The two other beds converted easily to tables/seating during the day.  We actually left one as a table the whole time.
  • There was a full shower, but we never used it!  We actually stayed in so many camper parks — we just used the bigger ones there.
  • Camper parks are all over the place.  It’s so easy to hook up to get power and water.  I’m an idiot about that stuff and I figured it out pretty easily.
  • The camper had a tiny little kitchen… my wife made eggs and food from time to time.  We had a little propane tank that was easy enough to turn on and off.
  • Emptying out the toilet is always mega yucky.  But man, you gotta do it.
  • It was pretty easy to drive… some of the uphill curvy bits were a little stressful, but no big deal.
  • My 4 year old daughter called it (and still does) our “home car” and wants to go back to it.
  • It came with plenty of bedding stuff, pillows, etc etc…  all very clean and nice.
  • There was also a TV and DVD player on board… we did not use it much though… mostly just opened the windows… listened to nature or music on the computer
  • It did not have wireless internet — but all the Camper parks did, so that was pretty easy
  • We picked up the Camper in Auckland and were supposed to drop off in Auckland.  But when we got down to the South Island, we were having so much fun, we decided to stay down there.  We were worried that changing the dropoff point would be a major pain… but it was very easy and just required a quick phone call.
  • All in all – a great experience.  We would certainly rent from them again!

Photos from our Camper Adventure…