HDR Video – Stuck in Customs

HDR Video

HDR Video Tutorial?

Are you looking for the video series Complete HDR Tutorial? Head over to the Complete HDR Tutorial page, where there is a downloadable version.

HDR Video

I have been experimenting with HDR video. Most of what I have seen out there is unsatisfactory. I’m not ready to reveal anything just yet, but experiments are continuing.

This page is a placeholder until I have something I feel is worthy. It’s my goal to make the moving video equivalent of the photos below. If you want to see more about the photography technique, you can visit the HDR Tutorial.

I also have an HDR camera section, but this is currently only related to still photography. Many people ask, “Why not just use HDR Photoshop?” I don’t advise just using Photoshop, and I have a little article at that link that talks about it.