St. John – Stuck in Customs

Old pictures of St. John

Here are some old pictures from our time in the US Virgin Islands. These are from St. John… this is back with a different camera and I could not quite get the quality I would have liked, but oh well… they are still not bad.

When we were there, we stayed at Caneel Bay, which is one of the Rosewood Properties. It was a very nice place and we had our own hut down on the beach. The worst thing about the trip was we had a diabetic driver that worked for Rosewood and he had an seizure WHILE he was driving us around the island and ran off the road into the jungle. We were lucky nobody was killed, actually. Afterwards, Rosewood management did nothing for us… can you believe it? Totally ignored! We’re not even the type to complain, but comon…

St. John