My Travel Config – Stuck in Customs

My Travel Config

For those of you who missed the newsletter the other day, here’s the portion on how I configured my bags/gear for Scotland and the USA…

I’m still sticking with the Sony A7R series for my main camera body. Primarily with the 24-105 G which is just so amazingly flexible and all I really carry each day. When I need a quickfire shot, my Pixel 7 Pro does the job really well and up in the air I’ve moved on from the Mavic Pro series to a mix of Mavic Air 2S with its 1-inch sensor and the latest DJI Mini which is so small and light but creates great pano images. Small/light is the way to go drone wise.

My system for getting these, and all my other stuff, about revolves around 2 Peak Design Travel Backpacks. I wear them both at the same time, with one holding all my clothes and boring stuff on my back and one with all my gear and cool stuff on my front like some sort of mutant turtle. Oh, that reminds me… my current Tripod is the Peak Design Travel Tripod in Carbon Fiber. Super lightweight/compact and easy to get around.

Stu had a similar sort of system going on… just a bit more loosely packed as Scotland is home to him, so he didn’t need to minimise like me for international travel. So bag 1 for Stu… Travel Backpack (all sorts of random camera stuff we might need, like chargers, extra lenses and the like). Configured with their various packing cubes. Bag 2 was an Everyday Backpack for clothes and bag 3 the same but containing core photography gear, including an Everyday Sling slid into the top where it fits nicely, containing the drone of the day.

So that, and the Insta360 X3 just about covers it. All of the above items very much recommended and used to create all the images you’ve seen from Scotland.
Here’s an ultra-glamorous behind the scenes shot of me, minus the bags…