Dolphin Fun – Stuck in Customs

Dolphin Fun

Daily Photo – Dolphin Fun

It’s always fun to see how much dolphins love boats. I’ve lost count now of how often I’ve been on the water only to look down and there they are frolicking alongside. I wonder what it is that they love so much… is it the feel of the waves created by the boat? Some sort of race? Maybe fish get scattered which they then go to feed on..?

Dolphin Fun

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2023-09-08 14:18:42
  • CameraILCE-7M3
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/500
  • Aperture9
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length24.0 mm
  • Flash
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias