Not an Ad – Stuck in Customs

Not an Ad

Here’s one of Stu from a few weeks ago on the Isle of Skye. It looks a little like a Peak Design ad, but it’s really an ad for Stu. Well, Stu is not for sale… so that doesn’t really make sense, Trey…

Stu was awesome enough to drive me around for a few days and show me his home country. It’s quite cool (and coincidental) that Stu has worked with me for over a decade and just happens to live here in Scotland! It’s been great hanging out…

Yeah, Stu runs the fine art business, helps with all our crypto/NFT stuff, the website (including the new that you may enjoy – thanks Stu), renders all our Machine Elf work, plus 10 other random things from dealing with auctions at Sotheby’s to helping get stuff printed for big events with needy clients that are all over the show (like those Vanity Fair Oscars peeps who almost gave him a heart attack!) to throwing me a drone through an open train door for 10 seconds while passing through a train station near his home, which I think is from Episode 2 of the new season of Black Mirror.

Anyway, Thanks Stu – You’re AWESOME!