Burner Podcast – Stuck in Customs

Burner Podcast

Here’s a new podcast I was just featured in. What’s it about? Here, let them tell you…

“Arash catches internationally renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff in Hollywood on one of his recent visits to the United States. Trey’s iconic travel photos have made a lasting impact on the international photography community and his images of Black Rock City and the desert have served as pillars of the storytelling around Burning Man. A pioneer in HDR photography and a multi-disciplinary artist making waves in the NFT space, in this episode we delve into Trey’s unique perspective on photography and art, as well as his journey to becoming a self realized artist in conjunction with his exploration of Burning Man. After the interview we are treated to a sunrise DJ set from The Scumfrog, recorded live at Robot Heart in 2015. This electrifying mix includes a track that was used in Trey’s Machine Elf 98, making this episode a super fun one for those interested in the intersection of photography and dance music.”