Facing the Fearbeast – Stuck in Customs

Facing the Fearbeast

Daily Photo – Facing the Fearbeast

This was one of my favorite pieces out there – Facing the Fearbeast by Tigre Mashaal-Lively & Make Love Visible. It’s this incredibly scary snarling dragon-thing that is hurling the worst things possible to the small child who is just a bite away. It says stuff in a demon-like growling voice like, “You are not worthy of love” “Everything you touches turns toxic and to poison” “Nobody really likes you” “All your projects are bound to fail” – this sort of thing. The traumatic stuff you hear as a kid or an adult either externally or internally. Okay, but there is a twist! You can see the boy has his heart out there… and if you hold it, then in a very kind, angelic voice it says, “I love you” “You are amazing” “You have so many friends and family that love you.” Anyway, it’s quite a moving and visceral piece.

Facing the Fearbeast

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