Ladies in Papua New Guinea – Stuck in Customs

Ladies in Papua New Guinea

Daily Photo – Ladies in Papua New Guinea

So this was a rather tense situation… This tribe in PNG has all the women who are the badasses and they outfit them with all the kind of stuff you see here. Not long after I took this, the national military group showed up and started shooting off tear gas before things got too out of control. Pretty much everyone here imbibes the psychoactive betel nut, which makes their mouths and teeth a dark, bloody red. Anyway, before things got too rough, I left to go back to where I was staying. They don’t really have hotels there, so I was staying at some compound that was built for diamond miners. There was this tough South African guy there that ran it… I’ll never forget when he told me about how much the locals are thankful for him, and, if they are not, he carries around a 1-meter copper pipe to make sure they do. Pretty rough place!

Ladies in Papua New Guinea

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