My Roomies at Burning Man – Stuck in Customs

My Roomies at Burning Man

Passport Sunday Burning Man Story About Acid and the Asian Stalker?

If you’re one of our awesome Passport Member then you’ll get to hear the new (still secret) podcast where I tell stories about different molecules I’ve ingested. Today’s story will take you on quite a wild ride… I’ve survived and lived to tell the tale!

Episode 2 of “Molecules I’ve Ingested”

Okay, well, jump on board for the new episode… I’ll probably release this to the wider world starting next week or so, but I thought you might want to have an early listen. I may add a few more comments from Hugh Howey and others, but this is a fun early version for you. 🙂

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Daily Photo – My Roomies at Burning Man

That’s us! If you’re a Passport Member then you’ll get to hear the whole crazy story about this night that involved quite a bit of acid and quite a bit of hilarity. From left to right that’s me, Jonatas, Rene, and Hugh Howey. You’ll hear a little bit from them in the podcast episode too. Enjoy!

My Roomies at Burning Man

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