Best of… Shanghai! – Stuck in Customs

Best of… Shanghai!

Continuing our “Covid-fun” to get people excited to travel again… well, even though China may NOT be the first on your list, here are some favorites from Shanghai!

The Wormhole Shanghai has this incredible tunnel that goes under the river to the Bund.  It's just wild inside!  They have a series of robotic trains that shuttle people back and forth.  Robotic doors whir open then shut again.  The front of the capsule has a bubble-window that allows for a stunning view as you dip below the river and back up again.  Colored lights in every lighting configuration fly by in beautiful colors.  This is an amazing experience that I recommend if you ever get to Shanghai!  - Trey Ratcliff Read the rest here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Asian Blade Runner

Shanghai, China

Shanghai,, China

A Rainy Evening In Shanghai