In the Jungle where the Frog Poison Resides – Stuck in Customs

In the Jungle where the Frog Poison Resides

Passport Sunday Podcast Preview

I have a new podcast that is in production now called “Molecules I’ve Ingested” that should be something quite unexpected, hilarious, and educational. Each episode features a crazy story about different molecules I’ve tried, from legal to illegal. Mostly the latter. Anyway, episode 1 is: “Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog Poison aka The Cambo Ceremony” and it’s an absolute riot. Wait till you hear what Sprinkles and I get up to. If you’re a Passport Member then you get the first listen to this as it goes into production.

Sunday: Early cut of Episode 1

Hey y’all! I think you’re gonna enjoy this. It’s not finished… what you’re about to hear is the raw recording of Episode 1. You’ll hear all my gaffs and mistakes and some behind the scene stuff. You’ll also come to appreciate Stu and all the hard work he has to do turn this into a sequence that is relatively flawless and feels right. We have some music coming and other things that will make more sense when you hear the final version. At the end of this, you’ll hear little things that we’re going to insert into the middle of the longer story. Enjoy!

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Daily Photo – In the Jungle where the Frog Poison Resides

This picture really has nothing to do with the actual podcast, other than that this boy lives in a jungle. I haven’t actually seen an Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog in the wild, nor have I milked it for its poison. Also, there’s very little chance this kid has seen that particular frog since he lives in Papua New Guinea. It makes me wonder what kind of interesting molecules are in PNG.

In the Jungle where the Frog Poison Resides

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