Using Textures in Luminar – Stuck in Customs

Using Textures in Luminar

Passport Sunday Texture Party!

If you’re a Passport Member then today you get to see a new tutorial video I made about using textures with the new version of Luminar! I’ve been playing with it quite a bit, so you’ll get to see all my new tricks. I had a lot of fun making this new tutorial, as you can tell!

Using Textures in Luminar

If you’ve seen my previous tutorials on textures, then you know how it can be a bit daunting to use these with Photoshop. I think when you use Luminar that things are about 100x easier because of the interface. In the video, I show three levels of expertise. I start with fairly basic stuff that anyone can easily understand and then I ramp it up to the next few levels if you want to try some more advanced techniques.

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