Passport Sunday! – Stuck in Customs

Passport Sunday!

We’re in Africa for Passport Sunday this week and in glorious 360 to boot as I chat with some of the lovely people below. This was taken just as we were heading off to another location on part 1 of my Africa photo adventure/workshop.

Delving into the minds of my workshop friends

I’m out in Africa at the moment (probably Madagascar when you’re reading this) running a couple of back to back photography adventures. During the first workshop I grabbed a few of the attendees for a quick chat about what they will take away from the experience. It’s always fun to hear what people pick up on, especially those who’ve joined one of my trips before. (Next up on the workshop front is New Zealand in April… which is fall/autumn in upsidedownland… Come join me!)

Oh, and remember, you can grab the camera view and spin it to look around as you watch. 🙂

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