China Wander – Stuck in Customs

China Wander

Passport Sunday – China Wander!

If you’re a Passport Member then today you get to see me wandering all over Beijing to get these shots!

Power Boxes In China

Girl Outside RestaurantI normally don't re-process photos. Most of you may know this about me. But, I went over to have a little session with Jaime Ibarra (at the same time I talked him into writing an eBook for us!), and I took a few photos with me to work on. This is one of them. He has a very interesting technique, and I thought this would be a good candidate.I found this girl sitting outside of a restaurant. There's a dead time around 3 to 4 PM... to late for lunch and too early for dinner. I suppose she worked in the restaurant and was just taking a break...- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

A Child in a New Hutong

Little Girl Eating Rice near Yangshao

Clowning Around In Beijing

Waiting For The Bus In Beijing

Girl in Park in Beijing I was walking around a park in Beijing -- and it was quite unusual.  It was a city park, but it had all sorts of rides like Disneyworld.  Except, it wasn't really very good.  It was quite dated and everything was spread out all over the place.  To get from one attraction to the other, you had to walk for almost a mile along lonely pathways.There would be occasional clusters of people here and there, mysteriously milling about.  Inside one of the clusters was this girl, so I grabbed a quick shot with my 50mm lens on the D3s. - Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest at the Stuck in Customs blog.

China Wander

Okay, this is maybe the dumbest video I’ve ever made. I don’t even know the purpose of it really! But maybe it’s so pointless and strange that it is interesting! I flipped on my 360 camera just to show random stuff in Beijing. I had a free day, so I just kind of wandered around with no goal. I was taking photos here and there… and, well, you just maybe can get a sense of what Beijing is like!

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