Walking with Doug – Stuck in Customs

Walking with Doug

Trey Ratcliff’s 360 Podcast – Doug Moores on consciousness & psychedelics – a journey through life!

You can hear me on Doug’s podcast at http://dougit.nz/podcast/trey-ratcliff where you can also find links to iTunes or Stitcher or whatever!

As for the above video, in this episode, Doug and I are walking along the coast on the North Island of New Zealand near Te Arai. He works there at the Te Arai Lodge where we stayed for a few nights. It’s a really cool family-run operation and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well (or healthily!) in my life. Doug does many things… podcaster, healer, yogi, builder, and well, you name it! Our talk spans from everything consciousness to psychedelics! Big surprise there, eh? Anyway, enjoy!

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