Dolphin Over Tokyo – Stuck in Customs

Dolphin Over Tokyo

Matthew Walker on Why We Sleep

I’ve finished this audiobook recently and it really blew my mind. This guy is a neuroscientist and he spent 20 years studying what the heck is going on when we sleep… I added it to my for Books and here is a link below to his interview on Joe Rogan.

Daily Photo – Dolphin Over Tokyo

Not until after I took this photo did I realize that the cloud was in the shape of a dolphin! We were having a crazy-good sushi dinner in the Ritz-Carlton there, and this was the view out the window. Luckily, the window was right by the table, so classic lazy-me only had to take 5 steps every 10 minutes or so to rattle off more photos of cloud animals jumping over Tokyo!

Dolphin Over Tokyo

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