Soviet Soldiers on Break in Moscow – Stuck in Customs

Soviet Soldiers on Break in Moscow

Dougit Podcast

While I was at the amazing Te Arai Lodge, Doug (one of the family members) and I did his podcast together. It was a ton of fun! You can Listen to It Here.

Here’s his description that he put on Instagram:

“I felt so alive. I finally felt like I was finding my true life’s purpose… (When I became consciousness) It’s been a wild journey. By the way I still don’t know what I’m doing.” – @treyratcliff now up on the podcast with insights, love & vulnerability in all things HDR photography, consciousness, @burningman , fine art & so much more. Warning: This contains some explicit content & will expand your mind, heart & concept of reality. Bon appetite! 🎤😎👌🏼

Daily Photo – Soviet Soldiers on Break in Moscow

I walked into a random shopping mall to see what one was like in Russia. I think shopping in far-flung countries is always interesting… I like to see how they do things differently. Anyway, while walking around, I saw these two young soldiers sharing an ice cream. I told them it looked like much more fun than invading Germany and they nodded.

Soviet Soldiers on Break in Moscow

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