Budapest with Olya and Tane – Stuck in Customs

Budapest with Olya and Tane

Hans Zimmer on Netflix

There’s a lot of bad stuff on Netflix. There’s a lot of GOOD stuff too… I should put together my recommendation list… I’m very picky. But one thing is definitely the Hans Zimmer concert. Check that out and make sure you have good speakers or earphones! 🙂

Daily Photo – Budapest with Olya and Tane

Here’s a photo I took before the Hans Zimmer concert while I was getting my camera ready for action. I had never shot a concert before, but I had a feeling I should use my Leica lenses… so I whipped out my 35mm F/1.4 and took some warm-up photos… this is one I took of Tane and Olya.

Budapest with Olya and Tane

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