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Maybe I Should Not Have Published This Book?

This is one of many stream-of-consciousness polemics about the new book. I know the book is controversial; I don’t expect these posts to be less so.

Many people warned me not to publish this book including my COO, my wife, my accountant, and @miss.everywhere. In a rather exaggerated state of solipsism, I decided to publish it anyway.

One person you will not see in the enumerated list above is my attorney. In a phone call before we published, she affirmatively acquiesced, “It’s not libel if it’s true.” That provided me a bit of vim to my vigor and I doubled down with the data analysis. Under her direction, as she parried my social pariah predilection, prefaced the book with the proper wording to ensure that the public could make up their own minds based on the data.

I must admit that I did awaken some mornings, between that dream state of sleep and wake, in worry. Maybe I shouldn’t pull back the curtain to show the wizard? Maybe everyone knows it’s a silly game? The literati certainly know we’re in a simulation, but perhaps the others are willingly playing the game, too dull to rise above it. That one seemed a bit nihilistic. Thoughts of this nature danced around with no end.

As with many things in life, it boils down to living a life without fear. The crux of the book, for those of you that have made it to the later chapters, know the book is more about how to stay zen on the Internet, live life without fear and without ego. The book certainly airstrikes egoistic fraudsters with unapologetic napalm. But let that act as a counterpoint, an alternative, to living your life in a way to uncover and share your true self. When you see people “acting out” on social media, understand this is their fear-instinct acting to protect its own egoic construct. If it repels you, recoil into your true self. You may not know that true self, but be open to letting it develop without any need to share it online.

If you want to give the book a read and decide for yourself go buy a Kindle or physical copy on Amazon.

I started a conversation (please share your thoughts) about this artificial world into which we’ve been thrust here on Facebook. Yes, I see the irony of that link.


Real Instagram handles and names are used throughout as examples. I provide my personal opinion on what may constitute fraudulent behavior on social media, based on the evidence and data available to me. The reader is welcome to draw their own conclusions.

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