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I have a new book! Come grab it now exclusively on Amazon!

I almost called the book “How to Stay Zen on Social Media,” because that’s one of the main points! However, I decided to go with the more click-baity name of “Under the Influence – How to Fake Your Way Into Getting Rich on Instagram: Influencer fraud, Selfies, Anxiety, Ego, and Mass Delusional Behavior” … Catchy eh?

I see quite a bit of suffering out there on social media, and that’s why I wrote this book. I hope it is a fun way to open the door, if even just a little, to have people become more mindful in their daily activities. Social Media, if used wrongly, can really add to a lot of undue suffering.

Another source of suffering is some of these Instagram Influencer charlatans are using completely unscrupulous tricks to gain a big following and engagement to trick brands into giving them the seemingly ideal lifestyle that is perfectly Instagrammable. So, a lot of people suffer anxiety when they see this stuff online because they feel like losers. But that is all based on a lie, so there is zero need for you to have any internal suffering by comparing yourself to a crook.

I’ve accidentally become an expert in all these subject matters just because of the way I live my life. 90% of my income here at my company comes from fine art sales. A minority is from Influencer gigs and that is where I discovered this unfortunate underbelly of the Instagram world. I’m not writing this book because I feel like these people are taking anything away from me. They’re not.

These fraudsters have created what I call Mass Delusional Behavior. I get into that in the sections about selfies and the ego. You’ll find the book to be quite philosophical in an approachable way. You’ll see some of the traps a regular person can fall into that can lead to an empty life where you only feed the ego instead of becoming your true self. It shows there’s another path!

Whelp, I hope you love the book and find it interesting … it’s quite a little adventure! Grab it now on Amazon! 🙂 And, you can join the conversation in our new Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnderTheInfluenceBook/

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