A 360 Video from the Tianjin Library – Stuck in Customs

A 360 Video from the Tianjin Library

A Cool Video for Passport Sunday!

Today, exclusively for Passport Members, you get to see me carry around this 360 video cam and talk about the sort of shot I’m trying to create. I ended up going a slightly different direction, but it was nice to come back with so much raw material to work with. A funny story about this little 360 camera… when I walked in, they made it very clear no cameras other than mobile phones are allowed. I assured them this was not a camera and simply a small “starter” vibrator.

Copyright Trey Ratcliff www.StuckInCustoms.com

Copyright Trey Ratcliff www.StuckInCustoms.com

A 360 of the Tianjin Library

There is a secret thing about this library that I can barely bring myself to tell you. But, that’s not actually what this video is about. This talks a lot about the photo that I am attempting to accomplish in this library without it being so far away that you don’t even realize you are looking at a library.

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