The Two Towers of Lisbon – Stuck in Customs

The Two Towers of Lisbon

Three Times for Rene

This location marks the third time Rene has fallen into the water with his camera. The first is when he was trying to impress a girl and stepped on a sea urchin. The second is when he was with me in Venice and fell in a canal. This is the third, during a long exposure when a wave came up and started taking his tripod out to sea and he made a sliding skid into the ocean to save it. A great laugh was had by all!

Daily Photo – The Two Towers of Lisbon

This is the famous Torre de Belém along the edge of Lisbon. It’s an old tower dating back about 500 years. Just out front is a little model of the same place, so I thought it might be fun to do a little artsy photo of the model with the real thing in the background. It’s a little obvious of a shot, I know, but still kinda fun.

The Two Towers of Lisbon

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-04-20 20:38:51
  • CameraX1D
  • Camera MakeHasselblad
  • Exposure Time1/15
  • Aperture3.5
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length30.0 mm
  • Flash
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias