A Textured Hobbit Hole – Stuck in Customs

A Textured Hobbit Hole

80 Stays Around the World is coming to Japan!

I’m coming to Japan for a bunch of photo events and photo walks! The main events are in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Okinawa. If you’ve never been to a Photo Walk, then this is a great chance. They are free, family-friendly, and you can use any kind of camera (yes even a mobile!) – I give lots of tips & tricks and will do my best to inspire you as we work on this creative life together.

Japan is one of my favorite countries and I can’t wait to be back. This time we are also doing something a little different, with a local Instagram star joining us in each location. Take a look at the video below to find out more information, I hope you can make it! 🙂

Nearby Huka Falls

If you’re going to Hobbiton and have a few extra bucks to spend, I recommend the nearby Huka Lodge. It’s right by Huka Falls and is a great central location for accessing this whole central area of the North Island of New Zealand.

Daily Photo – A Textured Hobbit Hole

I think if I had a Hobbit Hole I would never repaint the thing. I can’t imagine this would look any better with a fresh coat of paint. I’m impressed at all these movie people that can build something new and make it look so authentically old. They do that a lot of Disneyworld too. It’s a strange skill, I suppose, because most people that build something new have customers that also want it to look new. No one says, build me a new couch, but I want it to look that ropey old couch I had in college.

A Textured Hobbit Hole

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