Hans Zimmer in Frankfurt with our competition winner Martin! – Stuck in Customs

Hans Zimmer in Frankfurt with our competition winner Martin!

Here’s the Facebook LIVE from at the soundcheck for the Hans Zimmer in Frankfurt at the Commerzbank-Arena with our big contest winner Martin Rosenkranz and his wife who came with him to see the concert! While we were filming Lisa Gerrard was belting out one of my favorites from Gladiator while the sound crew gets the levels right. A night spent taking photos while listening to incredible music, couldn’t ask for anything better. Below are some of my favorite photos from both the Budapest and Frankfurt concerts, check them out!

Here’s the first concert we visited in Budapest… the lighting here was just incredible, so I decided to do my own take as a tribute to Inception.

During sound check in Frankfurt, Hans jumped on stage to play “Video Killed the Radio Star,” a song that came out of his very first band (a rarely known fact!).

Lisa Gerrard belts out one of her heart-wrenching songs from Gladiator (Now We are Free).

Everyone in the band seems to do multiple things. Here’s some of the great violinists jump in to do some backup singing.

In the middle of the Frankfurt concert (this is Hans’ home town in Germany), a golden sunset started streaming through the stadium.

Behind the scenes were 10x as many people making sure the show went well. There was so much lighting and control mechanisms – I thought it was all quite overwhelming to even conceive of, much less control.

Tina Guo, one of the featured cellists, tears apart more strings from her bow. I told her it looks kind of like she’s playing a quadcopter, eh?

Here’s the old piano that Hans plays throughout the concert. He told me he gets really nervous before the show, so worried he’s going to hit the wrong note… so that’s why he puts little stars on the keys.

Hans conducts his band during Interstellar, one of the final numbers.