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The Lights in the Mosque

Tips on Taking women into mosques

I get a lot of questions about the local ethics and cultural requirements for bringing women into mosques. As you know, I often travel with my wife and two daughters. All I can say for sure is it varies from country to country. Some are very relaxed. Some are not-so-much. But, it’s usually never a problem and I just suggest getting a local guide on TripAdvisor or through your hotel concierge. In some places, like Egypt, the women did not even need to wear headscarves. Others, they need to wear the habib and make sure none of the hair is visible. Anyway, it’s nothing to worry about and once properly dressed, you can go see anything! I certainly don’t get upset by any cultural/religious differences… I just try to think of it as being respectful, like when you put on nice clothes of a certain type for an event like a wedding or funeral. It just is respectful, which isn’t so bad! 🙂

Daily Photo – The Lights in the Mosque

I was at the main mosque in Abu Dhabi for about four hours before I eventually came to the Very-Obvious-In-Retrospect idea, hey I can actually go INSIDE. As with most mosques, there is a tremendous number of shots from the outside and the courtyards. But you can go inside most of them anytime (as long as it’s not during the call to prayer). Just slip off your shoes and go inside for a wander! I’ve never had any issues at all… very friendly people!

The Lights in the Mosque

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