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Three new videos to show off the three new bags!

The New Backpack Video

I had a blast working with the team at Peak Design on this project! Here’s one of three new quick videos that show off our new bags on Kickstarter at Peak Design — Here’s some fun facts we just got. This is the most funded active Kickstarter project. These are not only the most funded bags in Kickstarter history but the most funded photo gear ever! Thanks again to all the backers for making this such a huge success – you guys rock!

Check out our new Sling video! I know it appears the guy using this bag is engaged in semi-illegal activities, but just note you can use this bag for completely legal purposes. See more here.

Here’s a nice quote from Peta Pixel:

– “So how popular is the Everyday line of bags? Well, in the first day of being on Kickstarter, the new campaign has already blown past the $500,000 campaign goal and is rapidly approaching the $1 million mark, meaning it’s doing even better than the wildly popular initial campaign.”

and here’s another nice one from The Manual:

– “We have to hand it to the team at Peak Design. They know the Devil is in the details. From careful consideration of space and storage, to materials, to the craftsmanship of the straps and closures, every aspect of their products are on point. As Peak Design says themselves, ‘This ain’t just a camera bag’ “

and one more from Popular Photography:

– “We love camera bags, but it’s not often you see one generate genuine excitement outside the photography nerd set. The Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag was a runaway hit, however, and now the company is using Kickstarter to expand the line with a Backpack, Tote, and Sling bag option.”

Here are the other two videos…

The New Sling Video

The New Tote Video