An Idyllic Weekend at Wharekauhau – Stuck in Customs

An Idyllic Weekend at Wharekauhau

A hard word to say?

Yes, the resort below is hard to say for sure. I have my own system for how to pronounce it (I always have trouble with Maori words). So I say it (kinda): “Forry ko ho.” I’m getting better! 🙂 haha

Daily Photo – An Idyllic Weekend at Wharekauhau

What a treat to spend a few days here. It was soooo relaxing and beautiful. There was a really nice vibration to the place and I always felt at home there. Dave, Curtis, Olivia, and I drove here from Wellington through some beautiful rolling hills. As you can tell just by looking at it, this estate is massive. Those white buildings there are individual cottages where the guests stay. I was in that one on the left. In a future blog post, I’ll show you the main lodge where we would all hang out and eat together during the days and evenings.

This property actually touches on James Cameron’s plot, where they’ll be filming Avatar 2!

An Idyllic Weekend at Wharekauhau

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