An amazing three days in Muscat, Oman – Stuck in Customs

An amazing three days in Muscat, Oman

Oman Recap

You’ll see a lot of footage of the Al Bustan Palace, the Ritz-Carlton here where we stayed. What a property! We had just come from India and seen how the royal people lived, and now we felt like them! They made amazing suggestions and we got to see everything from incredible souks to picturesque deserts. You’ll see more below and in weeks/months/years to come as I pour through the photos and share them here.

One of the greatest things that happened in here was totally unexpected! Isabella lost her tooth and it seems the Tooth Fairy went crazy and had a party in the room! You’ll see that and more in the video.

Oman Video Recap

Wow…I just watched this again and it makes me want to go back! We were only here for three days… not nearly long enough!

Oman Photos Recap

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Here’s the view from the beach of the Ritz-Carton hotel there. I think they have something like a mile of private beach… and it’s mostly empty all the time!

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How beautiful is this hotel?

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Not too far away is this incredible mosque. I felt lucky to be able to visit it!

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And here we are inside the mosque. The girls loved getting dressed up for the big event!

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A short drive from the hotel was a great old souk. I found this lamp store and wanted to buy everything but Tina would not let me! 🙁

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Here’s the main pool there at the Al Bustan Palace at night. These gentle fountains come on and dance across the water.

Daily Photo – Al Bustan Palace, The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Muscat, Oman

Check out the lobby! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked in. The grandeur of the chandelier alone was enough to stagger all of us. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the entire property, but especially the pools and the ocean. We couldn’t get them out of the water!

This was my family’s first trip to the middle east and they were a bit nervous, to be honest! I wasn’t worried one lick, but they were all extremely surprised at how open, warm, and welcoming the Omanese people were. I think everyone felt very safe and happy the entire time, exactly as I suspected!

Probably one of my favorite memories from here was when we took a little family catamaran trip one night… being out on the open ocean and seeing such amazing rock/mountain formations was really mesmerizing.

Al Bustan Palace, The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Muscat, Oman

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