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An Amazing Adventure in India, a recap

India Recap

This was my second time to India but my first time to come with my family. We chose Bangalore as our home-base for a few reasons. First, there was yet another amazing Ritz-Carlton there which was great and relaxing for the whole family. This is where my son learned to fall in love with Indian food! This is saying a lot because hitherto we had only seen him eat hamburgers and pizza! We even got an extended cooking class at Riwaz that the kids loved. And to my surprise, after the cooking class, we got to eat everything and more. I ate SO MUCH FOOD in India it was absolutely ridiculous. And they kept bringing more and more. I’ve heard you’re not supposed to eat to make yourself happy, but I don’t believe that at all!

The second reason was this is where our train trip on the Southern Splendor started and ended! It was my first long train ride like this where you live on a train for a whole week. It was an incredible way to see the country and the whole family had fun. So Much Indian Food and I think we all learned to love it even more as the week went on! You can see a lot more in the videos below 🙂

India Videos Recap

And here’s all the videos from India!

India Photos Recap

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Here is a view of Bangalore at sunset. I took this from the rooftop bar on top of the Ritz-Carlton. I have another photo of this funky bar down below!

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Here are my two beautiful daughters. We went out almost immediately in Bangalore to get them a few traditional Indian dresses.

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Not far from the hotel was this amazing old fortress-palace that we spent a bit of time inside.

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Well this is obviously not Bangalore, but I wanted to throw it in as one of my favorite photos I took while in India. This is on the very southern tip, where three seas smash together in a Game-of-Thrones scene!

And here is the amazing rooftop bar I mentioned earlier. I had a major geek-out moment here when I was all alone editing photos and there was a huge bridal party blowing up all around me.

Here’s the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton… we had so many long and adventurous days, and this was always a welcome site to see at the end of the day!

Daily Photo – The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, India

Here is the entrance to one of my favorite restaurants in Bangalore. This is Lantern, and it’s one of the many great places to eat inside the Ritz-Carlton. Look, it’s lined with wine on the way in! So much wine, so little time! 🙂

The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, India

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