Holy Aurora Batman! I made my own HDR Software for Macs and it’s available now! – Stuck in Customs

Holy Aurora Batman! I made my own HDR Software for Macs and it’s available now!

Aurora HDR Pro Pre-order Now Available

Grab the Pre-order for Aurora HDR Pro now! I’m so excited! This is the only software I use now for my photos that I edit on my Macs — it’s just incredible. It will be released in just 10 days, but you can grab get the pre-order package now.

Over the past year I’ve been slaving away on this with our partners at Skylum. You probably know many of the other Skylum products… I’ve been using their plugins for years and I think they are an amazing company. Well, about a year ago, we decided to combine forces to build the ultimate HDR Software.

Some of my favorite features of the new software

Not only are the HDR results simply amazing, but this tool is so jam-packed with features and bells and whistles that it’s all you need. Some of you that have been watching my other HDR Tutorials know how I used MANY tools including Lightroom, Photoshop, and other plugins. Well now I don’t use ANY of those —just this!

Aurora HDR Pro has LAYERS, HDR de-noise, that special “glow” effect you see in my photos sometimes that give them that fairy-tale look, curves, adjustments for the “HDRness” of the Top or Bottom of the photo, color filters, and, well, 100 other little things!

What’s going on with the Pre-order?

Many things! The actual release date is November 19th — but if you’re as excited as me and ready to get it now then you’ll get some special bonuses! The Pre-Order includes:

  • Aurora HDR Pro for Mac (Available for download Nov 19th)
  • 20 minute Aurora HDR tutorial video by me
  • Bonus presets to get you started
  • 11 HD wallpapers I made with Aurora HDR
  • 11 sets of my bracketed images you can use for practice

Pre-Order Aurora HDR Pro for just $89! Includes exclusive bonuses!
Offer ends November 18th

Pre-Order Now

Here’s some sample images!

I made all of these with ONLY Aurora HDR Pro. Some of these literally only took a few minutes. It’s SO fast!