The Dreaded Cape Buffalo – Stuck in Customs

The Dreaded Cape Buffalo

I realized I really don’t Know My Animals

When we were driving around Botswana, we saw all sorts of amazing animals. It was just then I realized I don’t know the names of hardly anything. I mean, I got the easy ones like giraffes and elephants, but they have all these other crazy animals with wonky names. I was constantly getting the guide to repeat what the heck they were… I felt super-dumb! haha. Anyway, to this day, I’m not totally sure I can tell the difference between a springbok and a red lechwe!

Daily Photo – The Dreaded Cape Buffalo

According to a variety of guides I had in Africa, this is the most feared animal there. What a surprise this was… and good to know… Growing up in Texas, I thought they might just be a *little* bit mean like bulls. I wasn’t gonna go wrastle the thing to the ground or anything, but especially not after I heard some horror stories.

One of the stories involved a hunter going after one. They got a good shot, and the cape buffalo retreated and limped back into the long grass. The hunter pursued. But the crafty buffalo circled back around and rammed him from the side, killing him.

The Dreaded Cape Buffalo

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