An Awesome Place in Morocco – Stuck in Customs

An Awesome Place in Morocco

Strange cultural treatments?

Below, I describe my first two hamams… Have you ever had some strange cultural experience like this? Let us know! 🙂

Daily Photo – An awesome place in Morocco

This is a truly beautiful place right in the middle of Chefchaouen, Morocco. I also had a hamam in here, and it was a rough one. Do you know what a hamam is? I didn’t! But I had two of them in Morocco. I didn’t know beforehand if it was some kind of drug or hallucinogenic thing or whatever, but I decided to go for it! It turned out not to be either of them, unfortunately. Instead, it turned out to be more of an hour-long skin-based torture session.

Have you have been exfoliated by another human for an hour, rubbed with mud, then re-exfoliated when no skin remains? Well, that’s a hamam. My first one was in Marrakesh by a small, hairless Moroccan man. He was nice, and I was nude except for a smallish g-string bathing suit that was absolutely shredded by the end of the session. But I was as smooth as him, I’ll tell you that for sure. The second one was by a woman in a habib. She was very nice, but she was as rough as a German meat butcher with a nervous tick. I was bleeding like a royal inbred by the end of the session… but a few days later, I was healed and smooth as an android… oh yeah.

An awesome place in Morocco

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